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Dirty Show September 22-24, 2006 • Detroit

Our Call for Submissions is open to Artists from anywhere in the world.
Artists working in all media are invited to submit recent Erotica (created in the last two years).
All artists and models must be at least 18 years of age,
Content is totally up to you, as long as the submissions are erotic.
All submissions must be of original design and personal execution.
***Art submitted to previous Dirty Shows will not be accepted.***

SUBMISSIONS: Open April 15th until July 14th, 2006 -
Official Submission
is now closed, but as is our history, if you find yourself past the deadline, submit your art anyway, we make no guarantees, but if you can knock our socks off, we will consider it.
Please follow the same submission guidelines set out below.


•• Notification about previous submissions will happen in the next
week or so, please be patient, we have many to consider,
you will receive an email about your status shortly.

• Painting/Illustrations/Photos:  Submit no more than one (1) Digital photo/scan of each piece.
• Sculpture & Multi-Dimensional Art:  Submit no more than three (3) digital photos per piece.
• Film/Video:  3 stills and a brief description. Do Not email Mpegs or video files. (also see CD/DVD instructions below).
• Performance Art and Installations:  Email proposal, 100 words or less. (also see CD/DVD instructions below).
• Work in Progress submissions are also allowed, they should include a description of what the completed piece will entail, a comprehensive sketch, and be completed by July 31, 2006.

Electronic Submission Method:
Email  (summer06@dirtydetroit.com)

Please Include:
Artist’s Name, 
Phone number, 
Physical dimensions of piece(s).

Artists may submit up to a maximum of four (4) pieces.

Technical image requirements
Digital photos/scans should be saved in JPEG format (300k files or less, 5”x7” maximum).
Images should be named in the following manner, the artist’s last name, short title, and the number (i.e. “Jones_Naked_1.jpg”,  “Jones_Fist_2.jpg, etc.)

Send all images in the same email, to: summer06@dirtydetroit.com

Film/Video & Performance Submission Method: 
Send a DVD or CD of your project, with your name clearly marked to:
Dirty Show 7 Submissions
33290 West 14 Mile Rd.  Box #407
W. Bloomfield, MI 48322-3549.

Please Include:
Artist’s Name,
Phone number, 

Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you want your CD/DVDs returned.


Selection and Notification:  July 1 through July 15, 2006. We will notify you, please do not email us on July 2nd inquiring as to the status of your submission(s).
Artists with works selected for the show will be notified, via email, phone, or by mail.
Upon acceptance, Artists will recieve registration information that needs to be filled out completely and returned along with processing fee of $15.00 US.
Over-sized pieces may incur a larger processing fee. 

The Dirty Show retains a 30% commission on all sales made during the exhibition.

How the work is judged.
The Dirty Show tries to be edgier, and more fun than what one might expect from an erotic art exhibition.  All art is considered, from the high, to the low, from the biggest names, to the first timers.  We’ve had erotic work from expressionists, abstracts, commercial artists, photographers, and more. Comic and pin-up art, has as much chance as a realistically rendered fine-art piece. Some artists are just in-your-face, hardcore, filthy and others are subtle. Nothing is censored. We are amazed, astounded, occasionally agahst, and sometimes it just makes us laugh. We love it all.

The Dirty Show is juried by the organizers. We also consult gallery owners and artists for
second opinions.

Art ranges from classic museum quality craftsmanship, to crude attempts at expression. The decision all boils down to, do we like it?
Our main criteria is, “Is it erotic?”, closely followed by “Is it good?”. This covers a huge spectrum, as “erotic” can cover a lot of areas.  We’ll admit, some art goes way over the edge, if you can shock us, you will most likely end up on the wall.

Dirty is no longer a Detroit exhibition, it's open to the world.

Let’s see how Dirty you can be.